6 ideas for creating a new Garage

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A garage is an extension of your home, and therefore, it needs to be functional and spacious enough. creating a new garage is great if your home doesn’t have such space already. However, building a new garage requires plans and preparations, because it is a thoughtful process, after all. So in buy to do things right, here are some helpful ideas that will help you design a new garage.

1. decide on the type of garage

The two a lot of common garage designs are detached and attached. As their names suggest, an attached garage is directly linked to the house, while a detached garage is often nearby. The first one tends to be a lot more common with newer houses, which isn’t surprising, considering their practicality and convenience. On the other hand, a detached garage has other benefits such as a lot more design options. 

2. think of the purposes 

The main purpose of a garage is to keep your automobile safe. However, you can use your garage for a few other things: additional storage, leisure activities, or even as a home office. Therefore, make sure to think of all the purposes as that will help you come up with the best design. The newer homes are constructed so the big garage faces the street. This allows for a better entry. Plus, this layout is a great money saver, which is good news. There are lots of ways to use your garage, so coming up with all the possible uses will help you during the design process. 

3. Make sure that it’s easily insulated

As we already mentioned, a garage has multiple purposes. So if you’re planning to turn it into an extra storage space or a specialized workshop, it’s crucial to make sure maximum comfort, generally during the cold wintertime period. in that case, quality garage insulation plays a significant role by keeping it sufficiently warm. There are different types of insulation, so it’s up to you to weigh in on the pros and cons of each one before you make a final decision. Insulating the garage will also minimize energy costs and help the environment. 

4. adjust the garage with the rest of your home

This is very crucial as it will allow for a lot more mobility and much easier access. If you’re also using the garage as a laundry room, for example, then this is incredibly necessary. Adjusting the garage to fit with the rest of your home will help you a lot when it pertains to day-to-day activities and chores. If you decide to angle the garage entrance away from the street, it will create a better impact, and possibly improve the general safety of your home. 

5. consider the stairs

In case your garage is not on the same level as the rest of your home, you’ll need to build the stairs as well. getting to the upper level must be easy and risk-free, which is why it’s essential to plan the stairs carefully. You can make your own stairs, however, if you require extra assistance, then check with your local building inspector about all the legal necessities and technical details. 

6. Make it look pretty 

Sure, your garage shouldn’t be the most beautiful space on your property, however, it’s crucial to make it look pretty and presentable. If possible, try to make the garage look like a natural part of your home. Therefore, paint the walls, match siding, doors, and windows for the best visual effect. add some art pieces, and make sure to declutter and organize everything to make sure enough room. keeping your garage clean will contribute a lot when it pertains to its appearance. 


Designing a new garage requires focus, planning, and creativity. Therefore, be sure to come up with a sound plan, before you start any physical work. Also, ensuring comfort and stability through insulation can be of great help during very high or very low temperatures.

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