The new Illamasqua blush Up brush Seeks to broaden Your brush Horizons

The new Illamasqua blush Up brush ($40), available now at Sephora and
I keep having visions of myself using Illamasqua’s new $41 blush Up brush while I’m on the elliptical maker at the gym, I think because Illamasqua refers to the shape oval brush head shape as an “ellipse.”

(I know, I know. I’m easily distracted.)


You might wondering, “Why would any individual apply blush in the middle of their workout?”

Honestly, I don’t know…but I’m someone who applies makeup to run to Petco in the middle of the night, so I don’t policy anything out anymore.

About the brush, Illamasqua says it opens doors to a bold new world of blush application! The secret: the elliptical shape.


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It’s created to fit snugly underneath your cheekbones. just gently pull the brush upward along the cheekbones to create a soft gradient of color.

Here’s the recommended step-by-step instructions I’ve been following…

Looks as easy as 1-2-3
I’m intrigued, but I’m also pretty set it my ways when it pertains to blush application. I’ve been doing the bounce and swirl for so long that I could do ’em hanging upside down in a pitch black room.

After trying Illamasqua’s technique and the new brush for a few days, well, I think I’ll eventually get the hang of it, get to where I could create some sharp, defined ’80s-style cheeks, but it’s still a little difficult for me now.

First, the stuff I like about the brush: the soft bristles, and the long manage feels strong and comfortable in my paws.

Long, sleek and strong black manage (um, this is a good-looking brush!)
Oh, and the density of brush head? Tolle. It’s so thick! It picks up plenty of powder and deposits it smoothly and evenly on the skin.

Really terrific for strong, defined blocks of color.

Illamasqua blush Up brush in my hand for scale

But I’m terrified I might be a little too lazy to frequently reach for this brush, because blending out the edges of those solid stripes of color with it takes me forever. even when I remove every grain of excess product from the bristles, use a light touch, and follow the recommended application technique, I still need at least 5-10 minutes to fully feather out the edges.

Oh and, um, it’s also a little wonky on my left cheek! I’m ideal handed, so when it pertains to applying on my ideal cheek — no problem — but when I switch to the left cheek, the brush head sits at an awkward angle below my cheek bone.

Hmm… I actually tried applying with it in my left hand and got a little better results, but yeegh, it was slow going.

The ellipse-shaped heads fit perfectly into Illamasqua’s Blusher Duo pans
It’s a skill, I guess, and like anything, practice makes perfect.


Might be worth it, though, especially if you like very sharp, defined cheek looks with blush or bronzer.

PRICE: $41
AVAILABILITY: available now at Illamasqua counters and
MAKEUP and appeal blog RATING: B

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