Kashuk Tools: 3 bargain makeup Brushes that rock

bargain brush goddess Sonia Kashuk’s gone and done it again. Her synthetic flat top Blusher brush won me over a few weeks ago, and now I can’t live without several of the brushes from her Kashuk tools line. I’ve been reaching for the Powder brush ($19.99), large Eye shadow brush ($12.99) and Angeled Eye shadow brush ($9.99) so typically that I might as well have all three surgically attached to my hand.

Here’s why I love ’em, and why you might, too.


Kashuk tools Powder Brush

Use: To apply loose or pressed powder to the entire face
Price: $19.99
Makeup und Schönheit Blog Bewertung: a

Confession time! I keep this brush on my work desk and periodically rub it all over my face for no reason other than to feel its softness against my skin. It sends me into a state of minor ecstasy. I’ll make ooh, ahh sounds, like when I’m eating dulce de leche ice cream. In general, I try to do this when nobody’s looking, but the other day El Hub caught me and said the act looked “kinda pervy.”

But Sonia’s powder brush has even more going for it than its remarkable softness. It applies powder evenly on my skin, powder that doesn’t look caked-on, and leaves a lovely, natural finish I just adore.


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If you’re tempted to save a few dollars by purchasing the $11.99 white-handled Powder brush 01 from Sonia’s other brush Collection line, resist the urge. I’ve used the white-handled brush, too, and it’s not nearly as soft.

Large Eye shadow Brush

Use: To apply eyeshadow to the entire eyelid area
Price: $12.99
Makeup and beauty blog Rating: A+

Sonia’s large Eye shadow brush multi-tasks like a mo-fo. The Kashuk brush brigade designed the thick, soft brush (with a slightly rounded edge) to apply eyeshadow over the entire lid — much like the MAC 252 large Eye Shader brush ($29). While I absolutely love the MAC 252 for fast, single washes of color over the entire eye, it doesn’t multi-task quite like Sonia’s large Eye shadow brush does.

Not only do I use Sonia’s large Eye shadow brush for color washes but also to apply color to specific parts of the eye, which I can’t really do with the 252. The rounded shape of Sonia’s brush fits nicely into nooks and crannies — optimal for the crease, under the brow bone or in the outer V.

In a pinch, it even works as a blending brush, too.

Angled Eye shadow brush

Use: To apply eyeshadow to the upper and lower lash lines
Price: $9.99
Makeup and beauty blog Rating: B+

For a long time, I’d been looking for a brush I could use to line my eyes with a soft, diffused line. When I’ve tried to use the otherwise wonderful MAC 266 (clouds part and angels with trumpets herald the 266!) to line my eyes with shadow, the lines have been thin and stark; with the MAC 219 pencil brush, the lines have been thick and messy.

With Sonia’s brush, though, I’ve gotten consistently soft, diffused lines with medium thickness. The brush head is remarkably soft — among the softest brushes I’ve ever used — and doesn’t scratch the delicate lash line area of my skin.

But its shape and softness limit the brush’s versatility. Although one could attempt to fill in her brows with it, I think the MAC 266 would do a better job.

That said, Sonia’s angled Eye shadow brush need not apologize for failing to multi-task because what it does, it does very well — producing perfectly soft lines.

If you’re ever out driving and *surprise!* look up and see that familiar big red/white bullseye, pull into the Tar-ghay vehicle parking lot and get yourself some of Sonia’s Kashuk Tools, girl! Or, check ’em out on the Target website.

Happy Memorial Day, friends. I have a pretty low key day planned. I have to vacuum, but that’s about it. how are you planning to spend the day?


Ihre freundliche Nachbarschafts-Schönheits-Süchtiger,


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